Where to Buy Minecraft

Hello future minecraft players! Minecraft has become a wildly popular game, and if you don’t already own it you probably are looking into buying Minecraft for yourself, a family member or a friend, but you might not know how. This article will teach you how to buy minecraft. Lets go!
First off, where do I buy minecraft? For the PC version on the computer (the most popular), you need to go to minecraft.net.  The next question is how much does Minecraft PC cost?  Minecraft costs $26.95 (€19.95 and £17.95). When you buy your minecraft account, the username you choose is not final, and can be changed at mojang.com, but once you change it you have to wait 30 days before you can change it again. You might also be wondering if there is a free version or do you have to buy Minecraft.  Well, unfortunately for some, there is no free version and you do have to pay for it.  But hey, it’s only fair.


There’s also the xbox version and the mobile version. To buy the xbox version, you can buy it in the digital xbox store (on the xbox), and you can also buy the xbox version at retails stores like Walmart.   There’s also the mobile version, which you buy on the app store.  Note that most “hard core” fans really prefer the PC version, though the xbox and mobile ones are fun too.


Is minecraft worth buying? Minecraft is a style of video game that is very rare. There are no guns, no aliens, and no rules! It is a game about open ended creativity. There are two basic types of game modes you can play.  Survival mode, where you must gather resources to survive the monsters that come out at night. Creative mode , where you have unlimited resources that you can use to make castles or mansions. This game is prefered by many and is worth it.

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