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Hey everyone!  We’ve got some great new Minecraft merchandise especially for all of you YouTube fans who follow famous minecraft celebrities such as CaptainSparklez and TheSyndicateProject.  Read on!

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tubeheroes-jtEver wanted to play with an action figure of one of your idols? Introducing Tube Heroes, a line of toys based on the Minecraft skins of popular Minecraft YouTube celebrities, or “YouTubers.”

Minecraft is among one of the most played computer games in the world, and has millions of players. Minecraft is a block game with a 3D environment that represents real life terrain such as lakes and mountains and various environments called “biomes.”  The player can choose from one of two modes: survival or creative.  In survival mode, the player has to survive by gathering resources, while in creative mode they have infinite resources to build practically anything they want.

The game has sprouted tons of fans, many of which have gone to YouTube to share their content with the world. These YouTubers have become famous by providing their funny and informative commentary about the game, and millions enjoy following them through their Minecraft adventures and enjoying in the fun.  The most popular of these content creators have become very famous, some such as SkyDoesMinecraft holding over 11 million subscribers, and even more viewers.

Here’s a short list of the popularity of these youtubers in order of decreasing subscriber count.

SkyDoesMinecraft: 11,010,144 subscribers

CaptainSparklez: 8,617,738 subscribers

TheSyndicateProject: 8,827,323 subscribers

JeromeASF: 3,649,968 subscribers

AntVenom: 2,337,629 subscribers

ExplodingTNT: 2,101,873 subscribers

Vikkstar123: 2,083,431 subscribers

CavemanFilms: 1,249,116 subscribers

AshleyMarieeGaming: 543,867 subscribers

As you can see, these are some very popular youtubers, and over time it seems even the ones at the bottom of the list will continue to increase in popularity.

Minecraft-YouTubers-Tube-Heroes-ToysThe figures feature the ingame skin of the “YouTuber,” or the player model that others will see when in a multiplayer server. A Tube Heroes pack features a figurine and a couple accessories, usually an ingame item. Tube Heroes were created by Jazwares, a toy manufacturing company. These products were officially launched on May 22nd of 2015.

The figures feature select youtubers, but probably more to come. Currently, below is a list of the famous people who have been or are going to be modeled into Minecraft action figures, and you can buy these through here.

YouTube Minecraft Celebrities and URL to their channel.










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