Gift ideas for boys and girls: Lego Minecraft

Parents, are you looking for some great gift ideas for boys and girls that they’ll absolutely LOVE and that you can feel good about?  You certainly can’t go wrong choosing one of the new Lego building sets based on the insanely popular Minecraft video game.   These are no ordinary video game toys, these Lego games and toys really exercise the mind of your crafty kid while offering the sense of endless wonder and adventure found in the Minecraft video games.LEGO-Minecraft-21118-The-Mine-0-2

Well you’ve come to the right place, the best Minecraft Lego store on the web.  We have a great assortment of these brick sets available to suit every taste and containing a wide assortment of Minecraft video game figures including the ever popular Lego Minecraft Ghast, of course Steve, and other fun Minecraft gaming figures.  Some kids love Lego anything, but they’ll really-really love this collection (and so will their friends!)

Foam sword and pick-axe

Visit the toys store where you’ll finds lots of other gift ideas and cool Minecraft merchandise.   Have a kid who likes action toys?  Well then check out the Minecraft foam sword, or the popular foam diamond pickaxe.

Or do you prefer something a bit on the “softer” side like a stuffed toy?  Then you’ll surely want to check out the assortment of Minecraft video game plush toys, starting with the Mojang official Minecraft Creeper Plush.  Collect the whole set!

Minecraft, the game of a new generation!

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