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If you’re here looking for The Diamond Minecart merchandise, then you probably already know who DanTDM is. If not, let me tell you.  Dan is the YouTuber behind the highly popular YouTube channel TheDiamondMinecart aka DanTDM.  You can see the channel here, which is full of great family friendly videos covering Minecraft Mods, along with TDM Vlogs and TDM Plays.  Dan has uploaded tons of videos, and has been increasing over time.  He’s known for his daily reviews, as well as The Diamond Dimensions, which is a popular modpack that he put together.

The Diamond Minecart merchandise

 So back to The Diamond Minecart mercy you’re looking for.  Check out this DanTDM toy by EnderToys, one of the best selling figures found for you here at MinecraftMerch.net, your favorite Minecraft Merchandise store.  Get one now before stock runs out!  And check out the other great selection of Minecraft video game toys, hoodies, and gifts.  Oh and don’t forget to subscribe to DanTDM’s YouTube channel.

EnderToys – DanTDM – The Diamond Minecart – a plastic toy

Plastic toy
Moveable head, arms and legs
4 inches tall

Aditional images:

Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail Product Thumbnail

Price: $14.50

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